Young startup founders set good examples for youths

The young startup founders in DLSEIZ have set good examples for youths with their strong ambition for success, their innovative ideas and great talents in running their businesses and their courage and persistence in face of challenges and failures.

The young entrepreneurs are experts in their fields, with profound insights into the prospects of the industries they are engaged in and the market opportunities. They are usually good team leaders, capable of discovering their people's talents and giving full play to them. Moreover, they have strong sense of social responsibility, eager to do their bit for the local development. Recently, many of the startups in the area have established branches of the Communist Youth League (CYL), trying to offer the youths more opportunities to enhance their interactions and join their efforts to serve the local people.

When they were asked the secrets for success, most of them underlined two points: to be brave in innovation and radiate positive energy.[MORE]

Jiang Junfeng:
Young people should be pioneers in entrepreneurship

Chen Xinjiang is the founder of Nabo, a company dedicated to developing nano heat technologies. The company's carbon nanotube heaters can convert 99.8% of electric energy into heat at a fast speed.

Actually, Chen's career as a new entrepreneur was not on a roll at the very beginning. He joined Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics in 2010 after he finished his study in Japan and started his own business the next year to develop transparent conductive carbon nanotube films for mobile phones. Despite the fact that Chen and his team made great breakthroughs in the technology, the business failed due to fierce market competition and oversupply....[MORE]

Yuan Xie:
a young leader of a young team devoting to a young industry

Genowise, a gene testing product and service supplier in DLSEIZ, has sold 250,000 saliva collection kits it independently developed since the products were put into market last year.

"The customers can collect their saliva with the kits at home, send them to the testing center by express and check the results on line," the company's general manager Jiang Junfeng was giving an introduction to the product....[MORE]

Ji Peng:
Tell a good story about Chinese products

Yuan Xie, a co-founder and CEO of SEEKCY, an indoor positioning system and Internet of Things equipment supplier headquartered in Creative Industry Park, DLSEIZ, exemplifies youths' courage and hard-working spirit in leading the company to grow from a five-member team to one with over 60 staff.

Since its founding in 2016, the company, with all the staff born in 1980s or 1990s, has pulled off a succession of miracles, including a total operating income of more than RMB 10 million last year and an increase by three times based on that in this year's first quarter. ...[MORE]