The 6th SJLAF: a date with art
Tang Yin, an original ballet produced by Suzhou Ballet Theatre (SBT), was premiered at SCAC in early September, kicking off the 6th Suzhou Jinji Lake Arts Festival (SJLAF), which encompasses a series of performances, such as dances, musicals, stage plays and concerts, as well as various theme exhibitions and public-benefit activities. [MORE]
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SBT premieres original ballet
Tang Yin, a ballet produced by Suzhou Ballet Theatre (SBT) based on the life experience of an ancient Chinese scholar of the same name, premiered at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre on Sept 7. [MORE]
Sculpture exhibition kicks off
As one of the events during the 6th Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Festival, the Chinese Young Sculptors' Invitational Exhibition kicked off at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum on Sept 9 and will last till Nov 26. [MORE]
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Six foreign films were shown in Suzhou
The Overseas Films Exhibition Suzhou Tour of the 26th (2017) Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival kicked off on Sept 21. Six foreign films, including Grand Theatre, Icebreaker, Distancias Cortas, Hasan's Big Boat, Sister and Moje córki krowy, were shown at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre Cineplex from Sept 20 to 23. [MORE]
SJLCH comes into operation
Suzhou Jinji Lake Concert Hall (SJLCH), with a floor area of about 7,200 sqm, came into operation on Sept 30. The SJLCH project was launched in April 2016, with its overall architectural design undertaken by Shanghai Tongji Architectural Design Institute and acoustic design by Yasuhisa Toyota, a Japanese acoustician who serves as the project's chief acoustician. [MORE]
Italian and Chinese musicians join hands to stage a concert
Roberto Abbado, an Italian opera and symphonic music conductor, and Li Yundi, a Chinese pianist, jointly staged a concert at SCAC Grand Theatre on Sept 30 to mark the 10th anniversary of SCAC. [MORE]