Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR), with an area of 24.39 sqkm, including a water expanse of about nine sqkm, sits on the south bank of Yangcheng Lake, north of SIP. It is a major carrier for holiday and leisure tourism as well as a key facilitator for industrial transformation and upgrading.
Since 2014, YLPTR has promoted the serial season-themed events to offer urban residents a peaceful resort relying on its diverse tourism resources.
Upgraded services for different customer groups
This year's "Happy Summer Holiday in YLPTR" events, scheduled to last till late August, boast diversified forms, such as exhibitions, competitions, adventures and sports activities. These events are designed to meet the demands of different customer groups. [MORE]
Back to childhood with Doraemon
A Doraemon-themed carnival was hosted at Ziyichuan Hot Spring Hotel, YLPTR, closely following the film of the same name shown across Chinese mainland in late May. [MORE]
Special ways to mark the Chinese Valentine's Day
To mark the Chinese Valentine's Day, which, reckoned on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar, falls on Aug 28 this year, YLPTR organized a bicycling and running orienteering event themed "Seeking True Love" for the young people. [MORE]
YLPTR receives 1.57 million tourists half a year
Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) has seen continuous increase in both tourists and revenue over the past three years. It received 1.57 million visitors in the first half of this year, up 17.7% compared with that in corresponding period last year (same comparison method adopted below), and gained a total income of RMB 550 million, up 33.63%. [MORE]
Parents and children adventure
More than 130 families participated in the orientation adventure at YLPTR on July 15. The adventure was one of a series of events themed "Happy Summer Holiday in YLPTR". [MORE]
Beautiful moments through lenses
Launched in March, the 2017 YLPTR Photography Competition was designed in four chapters themed YLPTR in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter respectively. Entries are required to highlight the seasonal characteristics of YLPTR, encouraging photography enthusiasts to record the beautiful moments and experiences through their lenses. [MORE]