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The Neighborhood Center to Make Debut in Suqian Industrial Park

With the start-up of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park, SIP Neighborhood Center, at the demand of Sipac, has taken on the task to build a 10,000m2 neighborhood center in the modern new urban district of Suqian. The center will be completed by the Spring Festival in 2009 as a comprehensive commercial complex with multi-functions in service of the residential quarters in the area.

SIP Neighborhood Center Development Co., Ltd. organized an on-spot working committee on August, and will conduct market investigation and project feasibility study from September to October. The construction may expect to get underway before the Spring Festival of 2008.

The entry of Neighborhood Center in Suqian is part of the efforts to disseminate and introduce the development and management experience and the advanced concept of neighborhood center, and to lay a sound foundation for "China's new business mode".

Aug. 31, 2007

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