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SJEC Receives the Biggest Order of Escalators in Asia

An order for 193 escalators worth US$ 20 million was placed in Suzhou Jiangnan Escalator Company (SJEC) by New Dehli Subway Company of India when the biggest single contract in Asia for escalators was signed on Aug. 15. The escalators will be installed in the New Dehli's phase-2 subway stations.

The order was hard won through the international bidding, which involved such well-known escalator manufacturers as **, Schindler, and **. SJEC was finally awarded with the 20-million-dollar order for its unbeatable quality, high-awarding price, and successful examples of overseas service.
SJEC has been involved in overseas operation ever since 2000, when it began to export products to Souel and Pusan subway projects of Korea. Up to now, the company has done business with over 60 countries and regions of the world, and its business volume ranks the very first among its counterparts in China. In pushing forward its overseas strategy, SJEC has established joint ventures with Indian Escalator Company, and will set up a similar in Milan, Italy this year.

SJEC has currently 5 subsidiaries and 6 branches with 60 overseas distributors. The company has strategic ties with its counterparts in Japan, Italy, Germany, and France.

Aug. 16, 2007

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