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SIP Export Processing Zone (B) Endorses Tie-Up Declaration

On June 4, an official regulation was jointly endorsed and issued by Zone B Office of SIP Export Processing Zone, Suzhou Customs Office at Municipal Post Office, and Suzhou Post Office to encourage combined declaration of express-delivery commodities from Zone B of SIP Export Processing Zone. The document is called "Methods of Coordination and Contact Concerning Combined Declaration and Control of Express-Mail Articles from SIP Export Processing Zone".

With the fast increase in the number of enterprises and import and export volume in the export processing zone, more and more articles, urgently needed for delivery and small in capacity and weight, are being sent out through express mail service, yet the procedure for customs clearance and customs-controlled transportation have posed to slow down the process and add up transportation cost.

Now, the problem is being solved by the new measure, taken by Customs and the post office at Export Processing Zone (B), in which export registration is entered first and items tied up for declared in a whole lump so that they articles are sent in the real sense of express mail service. The regulation also permits the use mail bags of the post office in substitution of customs-controlled vehicles with the result that cost of transportation is cut down noticeably.

June 20, 2007

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