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Microsoft's Strategic Investment favors Suzhou Software Industry

A Group of Microsoft seniors led by Ms. Guo Zhengli, President of Microsoft China Region, visited SIP on June 1, accompanied by Su Bo, Vice-director of Sipac, and hosts from SIP Bureau of Science and Technology Development, to promote cooperation with SIP enterprises in SaaS project and to have exchanges on further cooperation with Suzhou Software Park.

The unprecedented development of Suzhou's software industry has aroused keen interest of Microsoft in strategic investment deployment. The main purpose of the current by Microsoft is to survey the software enterprises in SIP and to evaluate the feasibility of cooperation with them. At the end of a discussion with 5 software enterprises in SIP, Ms. Guo expressed optimism in the prospect of Microsoft strategic investment and cooperation in SIP software industry. 

Presently, 50 enterprises in SIP have entered the SaaS plan and launched online platforms and electronic journals in promotion of the concept of SaaS, and on this basis, Microsoft expressed determination to deepen cooperation with SIP and to improve the technologies and business mode of SaaS so that more and more software enterprises will benefit from SaaS incubators.

June 6, 2007

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