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Andrew Communication Elected to Top 100 Enterprises for Software Revenue

A press release on Ap;ril 25 in Fuzhou announced the top 100 enterprises in China in terms of software revenue for the year 2007. 8 enterprises from Jiangsu were on the list, among which is Andrew Telecommunication (China) Co., Ltd., ranking the 40th, as the first  software enterprise from SIP on the list and the only one from Suzhou.

The top three enterprises on the list are Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. (29.778 billion RMB), the first-ranking for 6 executive years, Zhongxing Communication Co., Ltd. (13.44 billion RMB), and Hai'er Group Corporation (8.106 billion RMB). Other enterprises high on the list are Digital China, Wangxin Technology of Zhejiang Unversity, Panda Electronic Group Co., Ltd., Fangzheng Group of Beijing University, Tongfang Stock Co., Ltd., Bell Alcatel of Shanghai, and Langchao Group, etc.

May 10, 2007

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