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FUJIFILM Makes Major Move in Printing Industry in China

A grand ceremony on April 18 announced the official opening of FUJIJILM Printing Plate (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a 350-million RMB investment project in SIP, marking the basic completion of business deployment of FUJIJILM in printing industry in China.

Back in 2000, FUJIJILM, the earliest to enter the field of printing plate manufacturing in China, and China Printing Technology Institute established the joint-ventured FUJIJILM Star Co., Ltd. to engage in localized production of high-quality printing plates. The opening of the plant in Suzhou will further consolidate FUJIJILM's market shares in China and raise its capacity of supply of printing products in both the southern and northern regions of China.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Yu Yongzhan, Secretary-general of China Printing Technology Association, extended warm congratulation and spoke highly of the contribution of FUJIJILM to the economic and social development of China through advanced technology and adequate service ever since its entry of Chinese market.

The Global Vice-president of FUJIJILM Corporation, who came specially to attend the ceremony, said: "China is the only country where FUJIJILM has set up two printing plate manufacturing bases, and this show China's ever-increasing importance in the global printing industry. We are encouraged by the high speed of growth in China's paper-borne media and commercial printing, and will work together with our Chinese counterparts to contribute to the further development of China's printing industry."

Statistics of 2005 show that the total industrial output value of China's printing industry had reached 332.67 billion RMB, comprising about 2% of GDP. In the next 5 years, the average annual growth rate is estimated to be 8%, and by the year 2010, the percentage will rise to 2.5%.

Located in SIP, FUJIJILM Printing Plate (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was invested by FUJIJILM (China) Investment Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 312 million RMB and a total investment amount of 352 million RMB. The premises cover a land area of 150,000m2. The main products are high-quality PS and CTP plates for the growing domestic demands, and part of the products are exported to other regions in Asia.

CTP technology represents the general trend of development in printing industry, which has been in wide application in developed countries in America and Europe.

FUJIJILM is one of the earliest to carry out CTP technological research. In October 2004, FUJIJILM, in collaboration with China Printing Technology Institute, successfully initiated the localized production of CTP plates in China, and since then, the domestic demands for CTP plates have been increasing drastically.

April 18, 2007

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