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Suzhou Software Park Allied Lab Incubates the First Enterprise

Suzhou Yinglian Interactive Digital Co., Ltd., was lately born of incubation by the allied laboratory of Szuhou Software Park as a subsidiary of Shanghai Yinglian Interactive Digital Co., Ltd. Suzhou Yinglian entered International Science Park in March 2006 to start the process of incubation with a 5-member team. Upon successful incubation at the allied lab, the company grew into a staff of over 20, and then moved into the second phase of International Science Park for further growth.

The allied laboratory of Suzhou Software Park was founded through joint efforts of International Science Park, Microsoft, IBM, Borland, Mercury, Bea, and other software enterprises of international fame. International Science Park provided the hardware and premises for the lab, while the latest technologies of the participating enterprises were transplanted into the lab. The allied laboratory provides workroom and equipment lease and trial use of new technologies and products for software enterprises, and additionally, it organizes training courses on new technologies and project incubation services. Presently, several manufacturing enterprises have been stationed in the lab to receive periodical technical trainings by Microsoft and IBM. The Allied Lab is the first SaaS (Software as Service) of Microsoft in China.

The management of Suzhou Yinglian Company has given high praise to the first-rate office equipment, professional technical service, and the competent team of the allied laboratory, and calls the lab the most appropriate incubator for small enterprises of initial development. Undoubtedly, there will more software enterprises lie Suzhou Yinglian to come into being from the allied laboratory platform.

Dec. 15, 2006


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