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SIP's experience Shared
at Microsoft 2006 Risk Investment Summit

General Manager Dai Ye of Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. (Suzhou Software Park public technological service platform) was invited by Microsoft to the "2006 Risk Investment Summit" in Beijing as the representative of SIP International Science Park. The Microsoft summit was intended to introduce some of the fast-growing software parks in China and exchange their stories of successes. Dai Ye gave a thematic speech to the domestic and overseas counterparts at the meeting on the experience of building up the software park and enhancing competitiveness.

Dai Ye stressed that the most importance experience in building the software park was the powerful support and service of the government in planning SIP as a new earthly paradise combining career building, living, leisure, and recreation. What has attracted software enterprises most has been the public technological service platform, which renders rich technical and HR resources to the enterprises. A balanced development of hardware input and technical service team makes it possible to fully utilize the hardware resources. Innovation is also given priority in the service mode of the software park, and the SaaS project launched last July in cooperation with Microsoft is just such innovative effort in software enterprise operation and technological service at the software park.

As regards the competitiveness of software enterprises, Dai Ye holds that talents and technology are the guarantee for the improvement of competitiveness in the long run, and the key lies in the vision of the enterprises themselves. 

Recently, a series of cooperation projects have been carried out between SIP International Science Park and Microsoft, such as the allied laboratory of Suzhou Software Park and Microsoft, SaaS incubator, the software enterprise summit, etc. The SaaS incubator project is the major focus of cooperation for the next few years and the first SaaS project implemented by Microsoft in China.

Nov. 8, 2006


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