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SIP Int'l Technology Town Forms Partnership
with Suzhou Telecom

Suzhou Software Internet Database, based in Phase Three of SIP International Technology Town, formally joins hands with Suzhou Telecom on Aug. 18 in market operation of public technological service platform. The database becomes the first cooperation partner of Suzhou Telecom.

Since the first phase of construction, the International Technology Town has invested a total of 1.4 billion yuan RMB in the four phases and over 400 enterprises have been registered therein. Software development, animation and game development, chip designing, and other innovative enterprises are gathering in the town. Public technological service platforms are also stationed there, such as Suzhou Software Test Center, Suzhou CAS IC Designing Center, Suzhou Software Town Training Center, Su Ke intellectual property Rights Protection Center, etc. Suzhou Software Internet Database, built in last March as a network support platform based on backbone networks of China Telecom and China Netease, ensures over 99.9% access rate for such services as server trusteeship, lease of equipment and space, and customized VIP rooms, etc., which guarantee the long-term efficient, safe, stable, and cost-effective operation of networks of enterprises.

The formation of partnership with Suzhou Telecom will enable Suzhou Software Internet Database to start market-driven operation oriented to the whole society and win over more corporate customers while providing network services for the enterprises in the Technology Town.

Aug. 20, 2006


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