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New Vision for Self-innovation in Suzhou

The first "Suzhou Forum of Academicians" was held on the afternoon of June 24 at Suzhou Convention Center, with the participation of 12 academicians working in Suzhou, to explore the ways and measures in building a new type of city of Suzhou. Speakers at the forum are Mr. Wang Rong, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mr. Zhang Taolin, Vice-governor of Jiangsu Province. The forum was presided over by Yan Li, Mayor of Suzhou.

A strong team of 12 scientists attended the forum, including Mr. Zhou Guangzhao, Vice-chairman of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Honorary Chairman of China Association of Science and Technology, Ms. Wei Yu, Vice –chairperson of the association, Mr. He Quan, Vice-president of CAS Engineering Institute, Mr. Rao Zihe, President of Nankei University and President of CAS Bio-physics Institute, and Mr. Zhang Jie, Director of CAS Basic Sciences, etc. The academic achievements of these internationally reputed scientists cover the fields of physics, electronic engineering, bio-medicine, digital communication, nanotech materials, optical and computer sciences.

In his speech, Wang Rong says that Suzhou is "both small and large, ancient and modern, traditional and international", and since the opening up and reform, Suzhou’s economy has shown a fast and healthy development trend. Last year, Suzhou’s GDP made up 2.2% that of the Mainland China, financial revenue 2.3%, import and export volume about 10%, direct investment by foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan 8.5%, which makes Suzhou a major central city supported by modern economy in the Yangtze delta region and the second largest manufacturing city in the Mainland China. Despite the achievements, contradictions and problems exist in the economic growth of Suzhou, notably, the relatively weak capability in independent innovation. How to accelerate the improvement of Suzhou’s innovative capability has become an issue of urgency. It is under such circumstances that the forum was initiated as a platform to keep abreast of the current situation concerning domestic and overseas scientific and technological development, to broaden our visions, and to create a social atmosphere for innovations. Wang Rong says that we will avail ourselves of the opportunity of the forum to unify our thoughts, make clear objectives, implement measures, and push forward and embark on the right track of scientific and technological innovation, so as to achieve better and faster economic development in Suzhou.

Academicians Zhou Guanzhao, Wei Yu, Zhang Jie, Wu Hequan, and Rao Zihe gave lectures at the forum on the respective themes of self-innovative system building, innovation and training of talents, basic research and economic development, information and new technology, and pharmaceutical innovations.

The academicians were also invited to Suzhou Industrial Park, Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, SIP International Technology Park to inspect the latest development in building up a city of the self-innovative type.

On the morning of June 24, a forum on information technology and new material was held at SND Technological Innovation Center for lectures by academicians Chen Zuoning, and Zheng Lansun, and Du Youwei, presided over by Mr. Xu Nanping, member of China Engineering Academy and Deputy Mayor of Suzhou.

June 25, 2006

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