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New Facility Added at Bo Ai School

A Hydro-therapy room was recently built in Bo Ai School. An ancient physical therapeutic method originating 2,400 years ago, the hydro-therapy produces good treatment effect for the whole body by applying the floating, pressure and resistance of the water. It promotes blood circulation and embolism, reduces pains and pressure on the joints, strengthens the muscles, endurance, and flexibility of joints, and enhances balance and the strength of the heart and lung. The therapy will play an important role in the recovery of the handicapped children at Bo Ai School.

The new facility was contributed by SIP administrative committee, Suzhou Singapore International School, Nanjing Yonggu Electrical Engineering Company, Grundforce Pump Company, and individuals Mr. Lu Weizhong and Mr. Wang Shicheng.

Apr. 12, 2006

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