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Suzhou's Technological Innovation Platform Extended to Tokyo

SIP group of the delegation of Suzhou Municipality to Japan and Korea held a presentation of SIP Technology Park on April 5 in Tokyo, extending the platform to introduce technology-oriented enterprises to the capital of Japan. At the presentation, Wang Rong gave a speech to outline the strategy of SIP in the "11th 5-year plan", which aimed at renewed technological leap by introducing technology-oriented enterprises and upgrading the technological input of SIP. The presentation attracted the attention of over 300 personages from industrial and commercial circles, Chinese students studying in Japan, and some dozen press agencies.

Ruan Xiangping, Technological Counselor of Chinese embassy in Tokyo, gave a welcome speech at the meeting, and Wang Rong, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, spoke at the meeting and answered questions of reporters from Japanese media. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Committee, delivered a speech entitled "Close Cooperation in a Win-win Situation". Present at the meeting were municipal leader Zhou Weiqiang and Wang Shaodong.

Wang Jinhua says in his speech that after 12 years' development, SIP has introduced a total of 24 billion USD foreign investment, and 10.2 billion USD paid-up capital. Over 2,000 multinational corporations have entered SIP and formed a series of leading industries electronics based on IC and TFT-LCD, precision machinery, bio-pharmaceuticals, and new materials. In recent years, SIP has invested 2 billion US dollars to started up and construct the international technological park, creation industrial park, bionanotech park, China-Singapore Technological Town, and Suzhou Technological Art and Culture Center, and other technological carriers in an attempt to charter out a new type of industrialization and to upgrade the technological input of SIP. In the major field of development, SIP has built up the three public service platforms of IC Design and Testing, the Software Testing Service, and Intellectual Property Rights Protection. A system of regional technological innovation has been formed to provide a platform for the technological innovation of different R&D enterprises and personnel.

In the period of "11th 5-year plan", SIP will take technological innovation as the core strategy of future development, and for this objective, has mapped out a technological growth plan for the next 5 years. At the presentation, SIP announced 5 series of supportive policies in HR service, technological research and development, industrial promotion, technological service, and intellectual property management, to encourage technological upgrading by enterprises and foreign enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and overseas students to build up their technological ventures in SIP.

Entrepreneurs from Japanese industrial and commercial circles showed keen interest in the occasion, and the attendants increased by 100 over the expected number, while Chinese overseas students regarded it as an opportunity to develop their careers.

The SIP division of Suzhou delegation is scheduled to visit Osaka and Hiroshima from 11 to 13 of April to continue its presentation and promotion trip.

Apr. 6, 2006

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