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Suzhou-Shanghai Expressway to Begin Construction
of Shanghai Section Within the Year

The Shanghai section of Suzhou-Shanghai Expressway, 8 kilometers in distance, is to be built before the end of this year, and completed in 2008.
The Suzhou section was already completed and opened to traffic on Sept. 8 last year, but there is an 8-kilometers section of Airport Highway to link Suzhou-Shanghai Expressway with A30 Expressway in Shanghai. This year, this section has been listed as a major project by Shanghai authorities, and preparations are being made to start the construction in the second half of the year. By 2008, Suzhou-Shanghai Expressway will be truly linked up. 
The section being planned is 60 meters in width with 6 lanes. Upon completion, all vehicles from Suzhou city proper and Wujiang City will have direct access to A30 Expressway, 30 kilometers shorter than driving by Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway. This will contribute to the formation of "the 3-hour metropolitan circle" of the Yangtze delta region.

Mar. 8, 2006

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