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New SIP Administration Center Officially Unveiled East of Jinji Lake

The 5-star national flag was hoisted over the new SIP administration center on the east of Jinji Lake on the morning of Jan. 6. amidst solemn national anthem, declaring the official opening of the center and the eastward shift of SIP development surge. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, attended the ceremony, along with over 800 staff members of Sipac, CSSD, Chinese Consortium, Industry and Commerce Bureau, Public Security Bureau, People's Procuratorate, People's Court, and Office Logistics Management Center of SIP.

Ma Minglong, Director of Sipac, commented on the significance of the move of offices: "Sipac has moved twice, first from Qinyuan Offices to International Building, and then to the Administration Center in the east-of-lake area. Every time is a new impetus that brought new leaps in social and economic progress. The current move, though only 5 kilometers in distance, is significant as a milestone in the development of eastern urban areas of Suzhou."


The past year is a year of crowning successes in SIP development, shown in the doubling of service sector and breakthroughs in the technological advancement, and the accumulated paid-up foreign investment amounting to over 10 billion USD. The eastward move of SIP administration center today signals the all-round shift of stress of development and construction on the eastern regions of SIP.  

The new administration center lies in the largest group of buildings ever seen in SIP, planned and constructed over the past three years. The area is on the south of Modern Avenue, north of Wangdun Road, east of Xinghu Street, and west of Wansheng Street, and easily accessible from the Jinji Lake and the eastern regions. The Modern Building, which is the major building in the center and the seat of SIP government, is flanked with tree-shaded boulevards on the east and west sides. To the south of the Modern Building is an area of office buildings for industry and commerce administration, public security, procuratorate, and law court with a central square. Further south are the three sub-areas enclosed by Genway Mansion, Market Mansion, and Zhiye Mansion. The whole center occupies a land area of 28 hectares with 320,000 square meters' constructed area.  

The 8 single buildings within the center area display different architectural styles in keeping with their functions, some in majestic composure, some showing light-heated and novel forms. The buildings are designed by architects of USA, the Netherlands, and prestigious domestic designing firms. The Modern Building, where Sipac is located, is the work of the well-known **Lohan Architect Firm of USA. Its square outer shape, vertical lines, and towering airs fit well into the independent, upright, and open image of the government. The building has 100,000 square meters constructed area, twice as big as International Building, and a height of 98.5 meters in 22 stories. The basement parking lot can accommodate 220 cars. Inside are three functional areas for offices, logistics, and public services. The tree-shaded gardens and boulevards on the flanks not only produce scenic effect, but also offer parking places for 180 cars for visitors.

The administration center is the decision-making and administrative center of the SIP government. Apart from its complete functions, the center is open to visitors and tourists. The location of the center will not only facilitate the work and life of government functionaries, but also attract more citizens to live in the new urban area and form a administrative and cultural center, supported by such public facilities as commercial and sports centers. It is doubtless that the whole region will become more attractive to citizens of Suzhou.

Considerable scale has already been achieved in the development of housing projects, commercial and cultural facilities in the surroundings of the center. An urban setting is taking shape with quickened speed.


To the north of the center are Kowloon Hospital and Baitang Park under construction. The completed housing estate of Linglong Bay and Zhonghai Lakeside offer ideal choices for the new population in the east-of-lake area. To the west is a major cultural and commercial center, where the Int'l Expo Center and Science and Cultural Center are the landmark buildings by the lake, as well as good destinations for entertainment and catering for the citizens. Genway International Hotel has started operation, whereas more hotels are under construction. Several residential areas are already available, serviced by business facilities and educational institutions like neighborhood center, kindergartens, primary schools, and middle school.


Service functions have become more adequate than ever at the administration center. Industry and commerce registration has long started before Sipac moved here. "One-stop service" will be now available at the service hall with windows of all government departments opened.
The "one-stop" service hall will take over the matters of examination and approval previously handled by individual bureaus, from the establishment of enterprises, commencement of operation, construction, to recruitment of employees. Application procedures will be simplified as far as possible. In the short days to come, more windows will be opened at the service hall for public security, tax, firefighting, technical supervision, and public amenities affairs to further improve the one-stop service function.

Feb. 7, 2006

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