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110V Transformer Substation Built in Education Park East of Lake

An on-switch click and the humming of the started-up transformer at 9:07 am, Dec. 20, announced the successful operation of the 110V transformer substation in the postgraduate town in Higher Education Park, the east-of-lake SIP. The substation, being the 9th 110V transformer substation built in SIP by Suzhou Power Supply Company, will function as the main power supplier for the education park.

Rapid development and drastic increase of manufacturing enterprises in SIP in recent years call for multiplied power supply, especially for the newly developed postgraduate town. Suzhou Power Supply Company allocated special fund to build the 110V transformer substation to improve the supply and consumption conditions in the postgraduate town. All its being equipment advanced by national standards, the substation is the first intelligent, remote-controlled station throughout the grid, which needs no attendance by operators. The planned scale is 2x40 mega VA, and the first phase of the project will commence in the second half the year to install a 40-megaVA transformer and 110V in-transmission line.

The operation of the substation will not only lessen the shortage of power supply within the education park and give powerful support for the economic development of the area, but also rationalize the configuration of SIP power grid to prepare fully for the peak time of power consumption in the winter time.

Dec. 26, 2005

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