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Suzhou Microsoft Allied Lab Put to Use

Suzhou Microsoft Allied Laboratory, a major project in "Microsoft Potential Development Plan of National Development and Reform Commission", was formally put into use on Dec. 16.

Bo Shang, GM of Development and Cooperation Department of Greater China Zone, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., said, "We sincerely hope that the cooperation between the two sides will push forward the continuous progress of information industry in Suzhou."

Microsoft, one of the cooperation sides, is responsible to provide the latest technology and products, technical support for the lab, the latest software training programs, and other resources for training. Suzhou Software Park is committed to provision of land for the allied lab, public technological platform, technologies and work teams from software testing center. The main objectives of the allied lab, jointly established by Microsoft and SIP, will be to equip the virtual laboratory for Microsoft technology, software development cycle, and industrial solutions, to assist software enterprises in fully understanding and grasping the latest Microsoft technologies and successful sample cases, and to experience the successful development procedure and management mode of Microsoft. The two sides will conduct regular trainings and programs of cooperated development. In the meantime, cooperation will be carried out in marketing, public technical platforms, and technological backups.

Currently, the two sides have already started cooperation in training in new Microsoft technology, high-level technological support, advanced exchanges of software enterprises, and software clubs.

Dec. 16, 2005

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