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The Most Advanced Capsule Plant Starts Production in SIP

Suzhou Capsugel Ltd., invested by Capsule Division of American Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in Suzhou, is the largest producer of pharmaceutical capsules in China. On Oct. 28, the new plant built by SCL on the east of Jinji Lake, SIP, went into operation with annual output of 14 billion capsules, making SCL the most advanced capsule producer in the world.

A leader of pharmaceutical capsule producers in the world, the century-old capsule division of Pflizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. claims over 50% of global market share. As one of the earliest foreign-funded enterprises in China, SCL was founded in the mid-80s of last century along with the well-known Xi'an ** and Tianjin **, as successful examples in attracting foreign investment and adapting advanced technology and managerial expertise of the West in China's pharmaceutical industry. The construction of the new Pflizer plant with brand-new equipment in Suzhou Industrial Park, which cost US$ 35 million, will increase the production capacity by 30%, and can, if the market requires, double the output to meet the growing demands. The new plant, which possesses the latest equipment and the most advanced technology among the nine production bases of Pflizer Capsule Division, adopts full automatic computerized control system in the entire production process and follows the strictest indoor cleanliness procedure under quality control and air temperature and humidity control.

The pharmaceutical capsules from SCL are being supplied to multinational pharmaceutical Works like SKSF, Xi'an Janssen, Shanghai Squibb, and Wuxi Astra, and main domestic manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and health foods like the Yangtze Pharmaceuticals, Heilongjiang Pharmaceuticals, Chongqing Taiji, Dalian Zhen'ao, and Hainan Yangshengtang. In addition to the traditional gelatin capsule production, the new plant will gradually localize the production of natural plant capsules to meet the needs of domestic market, especially the demands in Chinese medical and pharmaceutics.

Zhao Junsheng, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou, and Ma Minglong, Vice-chairman of Sipac, attended the celebration on the commencement of the new plant.

Oct. 31, 2005

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