Suzhou Hall of Fame
Located at No. 2075Renmin Road, Suzhou Hall of Fame houses memorials to 447 famous and illustriouspeople born in Suzhou....[MORE]
Heyuan Garden
Heyuan Garden,located at No. 4 Hanjia Lane, west of Renmin Road, is relatively less-knowncompared with other classic gar...[MORE]
Quyuan Garden
Quyuan Garden,the former residence of Yu Yue, a revered litterateurand educator in the Qing Dynasty, is small, with a to...[MORE]
Suzhou Silk Museum
Suzhou is called“the City of Silk”, so Suzhou Silk Museum is highly recommended. It is lessfamous, but is interesting....[MORE]
Suzhou Art Museum
 Builtin 1927, Suzhou Art Museum sits northwest of Beisi Pagoda. It is a typicalSuzhou-style building with the “mo...[MORE]
Suzhou Chinese Painting Institute
SuzhouChinese Painting Institute is located in the Tingfeng (Listening to the Maples)Garden, a classic garden built in t...[MORE]