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SINANO Phase-2 and Suzhou Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park Break Ground

On November 15, the collective ground-breaking ceremony of the phase-2 of CAS Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) and Suzhou Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park was held in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). The construction of about 4,700,000 square meters with 26.7 billion yuan investment was activated for the 7 projects of phase-2 SINANO, the northern part of Bio Industrial Park, Nanopolis Suzhou, Suzhou Nano-tech University Science Park, and University Sci-tech Industrial Park, Nano-tech Incubation Base & New-emerging Industrial Base, and the phase-2 of Dushu Lake Campus of Soochow University.

This move marks the beginning of a new period of development and construction of Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park, and the strategic new-emerging industrial chain led by nano-tech industry would be preliminarily shaped up in the next two years. 

"With the large-scale investment, all-embracing categories, completed innovation chains, these 7 innovative projects involve the universities, R&D, incubation and industrial bases, and thus create a completed innovation chain from the talent cultivation, sci-tech R&D, enterprise incubation, to industrial development. When the projects are concluded, the Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park will be an innovative highland with advanced infrastructure, distinct industrial characteristics, remarkable innovative achievements, and adequate public services," said Ma Minglong, Executive Member of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee.   

  "With new industrial orientation and powerful effluence and focus on new-emerging industries led by nano-tech, these projects fit in with the development direction of new-emerging industries of Suzhou and SIP. The completion of these projects will help to form fairly complete industrial cooperation among the new-emerging industries such as nano-tech industry and catapult Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park onto a new stage of overall development," said Secretary Ma.

November 17, 2010