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"Father of DNA" Visits SIP

On Oct. 25, James Watson, one of the first to discover double-stranded structure of DNA, winner of Nobel Prize, and celebrated international scientist of genetics and genetic group, and molecular biology, and his wife visited Suzhou, and surveyed Suzhou Industrial Park, where he offered instructive proposals on the research and production in the field of life science, and had exchange of views with Ma Minglong, Director of Sipac, on the establishment of Asian branch of Cold Spring Harbor Conference.

Mr. Watson and his group visited the library and sports facilities of Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, and Life Science College of Soochow University. He show keen interest in the research of improvement of genes of the traditional silkworms, and had cordial talks with the students of Soochow University. Then he made survey on the construction site of bionanotech park in the south of the education town. Mr. Watson expressed his appreciation of the strategy to develop biomedicine through integrating resources in education, research and technological service in the trend of global development of life science, and proposed that first-class scientists of the world should be introduced to join the research institutes like CAS Nanotech Institute. He endorsed Sipac’s idea of maintaining communication and academic exchanges with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Mr. Watson also visited the Yangcheng Lake Tourism and Vacation Zone and expressed his satisfaction over the location for Asian Branch of Cold Spring Harbor.

At the end of his visit Mr. Watson and his group had a meeting with Ma Minglong, Director of Sipac. Ma gave an account of the development of life sciences and technologies in SIP and the development strategy for the next few years. Mal also outlined the measure taken to promote the growth of life sciences and related industries, such as setting up a development foundation and a bionanotech park in SIP, etc.

Mr. Watson gave a presentation of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which was on top of the ten most influential research institutes in the world as well as a training and exchange base for the topnotch biologists of the world. He also gave an account of the process of winning a Nobel Prize. He expressed confidence in cooperating with SIP and making SIP the site of Asian branch of Cold Spring Harbor serial symposiums and summit. Mr. Watson readily accepted the invitation by Director Ma Minglong to be the first consultant in SIP life sciences, and promised to recommend experts in various fields to join the consulting group for the development of biological industries of SIP.

Nov. 3, 2006


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