SIP multiplies efforts to “build the most beautiful window” (I)
The CPC SIP Working Committee held the mid-year workconference on July 31 to look back on its work over the first half of the yearand make deployment for future work. The event included aroundup of SIP’s achievements in such aspects as opening-up, participation inthe integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD), local economic andsocial development, cooperation with partners at home and abroad, and supportfor overseas investment over the past six months.At the event, the CPC SIP Working Committee called on all thepeople and organizations in SIP to strive together in the future to b... [MORE]
A new wave of innovations is rising
SIPreceived the approvals from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China inMarch for building the National Biotechnology Innovation Center and the NationalThird-generation Semiconductor Technology Innovation Center, and, nearly at thesame time, was designated the core area for Suzhou to build the National PilotZone for Innovation and Development of New-generation Artificial Intelligence.Atthe Conference on Building of “One Zone and Two Centers” held in SIP in April,104 projects were signed, expected to bring an investment of about RMB 20billion to SIP and trigger a new wave of innovati... [MORE]
SIP aims to write a new chapter in further opening-up
Asthe first flagship cooperative project between Chinese and Singaporeangovernments, SIP has been a frontrunner in opening-up. For nearly three decades,SIP has set a good example for international cooperation through itsincreasingly tightened ties with Singapore.InFebruary, the Suzhou Working Committees of Singapore International ArbitrationCentre and Singapore International Mediation Centre were inaugurated in SIP toprovide support for international commercial arbitration and mediation in theYangtze River Delta region.Statisticsshow that, by the end of June, SIP had gathered about 450 project... [MORE]
SIP to upgrade use of 20,000 mu of industrial land in three years
SIP authorities announced a three-year action plan on July 31with the aim of upgrading the use of 20,000 mu (about 1,333 hectares) ofindustrial land from 2021 to 2023 to improve the economic efficiency of localland use. Theplan is expected to help increase SIP’s capacity of providing high-quality landplots for promising projects, optimize local industrial structure and increasetax revenue.SIP authorities encourage market players of different kindsto participate in the implementation of the plan, for example, encouragingstate-owned enterprises to participate through acquisition, equity coopera... [MORE]