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SIP to upgrade use of 20,000 mu of industrial land in three years

Date:2021-08-26 10:01|Source: |Visits:

SIP authorities announced a three-year action plan on July 31 with the aim of upgrading the use of 20,000 mu (about 1,333 hectares) of industrial land from 2021 to 2023 to improve the economic efficiency of local land use. The plan is expected to help increase SIP’s capacity of providing high-quality land plots for promising projects, optimize local industrial structure and increase tax revenue.

SIP authorities encourage market players of different kinds to participate in the implementation of the plan, for example, encouraging state-owned enterprises to participate through acquisition, equity cooperation and professional operation services.

The authorities plan to set up an information-based industrial land management system with a project pool and an evaluation mechanism to trace the use efficiency of every land plot covered by the plan.