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SIP multiplies efforts to “build the most beautiful window” (I)

Date:2021-08-26 09:59|Source: |Visits:

The CPC SIP Working Committee held the mid-year work conference on July 31 to look back on its work over the first half of the year and make deployment for future work.

The event included a roundup of SIP’s achievements in such aspects as opening-up, participation in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD), local economic and social development, cooperation with partners at home and abroad, and support for overseas investment over the past six months.

At the event, the CPC SIP Working Committee called on all the people and organizations in SIP to strive together in the future to build SIP into a world-class high-tech park and one of the “most beautiful windows” to showcase Suzhou’s strengths in socialist modernization.