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Winners of 2021 AI Expo awards unveiled

Date:2021-09-29 10:17|Source: |Visits:

The Award Ceremony of the 2021 AI Expo was held on Sept 16. A number of AI enterprises, products and individuals with remarkable contributions to the development of AI industry received awards, and those from SIP caught great attention.

The awards, which celebrate entrepreneurs and start-up founders with global visions and great innovation ability, businesses with strong competitiveness in AI market and creative, industry-leading AI products, provided new accolades this year. In addition to the conventional “Top 10 Influential AI Professionals of the Year”, “Top 10 Innovative AI Businesses of the Year” and “Gold Awards for AI Products”, there are also the “Most Promising Businesses”, “Most Valuable Investment Projects” and “Best Ecosystem-based Partners”.
SIP-based Suzhou International Science-Park Center was declared one of the “Top 10 Innovative AI Businesses of the Year”, while three products from SIP won the “Gold Awards for AI Products” and one entrepreneur from the area ranked among the “Top 10 Influential AI Professionals of the Year”. Besides, six SIP-based companies were honored as “Most Promising Businesses”, while five projects as “Most Valuable Investment Projects” and five organizations as “Best Ecosystem-based Partners”.