Winners of 2021 AI Expo awards unveiled
The Award Ceremony of the 2021 AI Expo was held on Sept 16. A number of AI enterprises, products and individuals with remarkable contributions to the development of AI industry received awards, and those from SIP caught great attention.    The awards, which celebrate entrepreneurs and start-up founders with global visions and great innovation ability, businesses with strong competitiveness in AI market and creative, industry-leading AI products, provided new accolades this year. In addition to the conventional “Top 10 Influential AI Professionals of the Year”, “Top 10 In... [MORE]
2021 AI Expo gives a signal that China is entering an era of AI
At the 2021 AI Expo, a set of robots mimicking characters in Peking opera, one of the major traditional operas in China, attracted the attention of many people. With a height of about 40 centimeters, these robots can perform like real Peking opera actors.There is also an unmanned aerial vehicle which can automatically start charging program when it is “tired”, a health check robot developed for kindergarten, and applications for smart education, payment and security check.The 2021 AI Expo gave a signal that China is entering an era of artificial intelligence, and opened a window for global p... [MORE]
Visitors experience cutting-edge technologies
The2021 AI Expo offered the visitors opportunities to experience many cutting-edgetechnologies. Atthe booth themed “15 Application Scenarios in SIP”, the visitors could interactwith the companion robot, trya self-driving car, and experience other high-tech solutions designed toimprove the quality of people’s daily life.GusuLab, an SIP-based laboratory dedicated to driving development and innovation ofmaterial science, brought a mechanical arm which can pick out the target objectfrom disordered things relying on a low-power AI chip that supportshigh-precise 3D modeling.   [MORE]
2021 AI Expo opens in SIP
The2021 AI Expo kicked off at SIP’s Suzhou International Expo Centre (SuzhouExpo)on Sept 16, focusing on the latest AI technologies and their application indifferent fields.Hundredsof enterprises including Huawei, Baidu and Iflytek showcased over 1,000exhibits as well as infinite possibilities for AI technologies to be used inmanufacturing, medical care, finance, tourism and other sectors. Thepavilion highlighting Suzhou’s achievements in building the “National PilotZone for Innovation and Development of New-generation Artificial Intelligence”was an eye-catcher at the event. SIP’s booth i... [MORE]