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2021 AI Expo opens in SIP

Date:2021-09-29 10:03|Source: |Visits:

The 2021 AI Expo kicked off at SIP’s Suzhou International Expo Centre (SuzhouExpo) on Sept 16, focusing on the latest AI technologies and their application in different fields.

Hundreds of enterprises including Huawei, Baidu and Iflytek showcased over 1,000 exhibits as well as infinite possibilities for AI technologies to be used in manufacturing, medical care, finance, tourism and other sectors.

The pavilion highlighting Suzhou’s achievements in building the “National Pilot Zone for Innovation and Development of New-generation Artificial Intelligence” was an eye-catcher at the event. SIP’s booth in it gathered products and solutions from many SIP-based enterprises engaged in such fields as automatic driving, express delivery and cleaning, and offered opportunities for visitors to experience them.

The expo also included five partnering activities and a job fair aimed at helping lure promising AI-related projects and outstanding professionals to SIP.