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Dragon boat race to carry forward traditional Chinese culture

Date:2021-06-26 12:13|Source: |Visits:

The Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race offers both the racers and the spectators good chances to learn about traditional Chinese culture related to the Dragon Boat Festival.

The racers from other countries and regions are an eye-catcher in the event each year. This year, nine teams of 179 expatriates participated. During the pre-competition training and the races, they acquired a good knowledge of the origin and significance of Chinese dragon boat races.

This year’s event also encompassed a youngsters’ race which enhanced the participants’ comprehension of the traditional culture behind the race.

The security work and volunteer services also deeply impressed all the participants, demonstrating SIP’s capacity in hosting large events and local people’s passion for them.

Moreover, the event was paired with a fair with 27 booths to showcase various intangible cultural heritage elements such as Suzhou-style silk weaving techniques, folding fans and nut carvings for visitors to experience the charm and essence of traditional Chinese culture.