Tourists enjoy a good holiday in SIP during Dragon Boat Festival
In addition to the dragon boat race, diverse festivalactivities and special offerings attracted a continuous flow of tourists to SIPduring the Dragon Boat Festival.The night performances and other entertainment projects atthe film-themed entertainment complex HB World, the animal farm at PeachBlossom Island, the classic movies including the Harry Potter and the MissionImpossible series at YLPTR Drive-in Cinema and the sales promotions at variousshopping spots attracted many people.Therewere also various art exhibitions whichshowcased fantastic sculptures, paintings, picture books created by yo... [MORE]
Dragon boat race to carry forward traditional Chinese culture
The Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race offers both the racers and the spectators good chances to learn about traditional Chinese culture related to the Dragon Boat Festival.Theracers from other countries and regions are an eye-catcher in the event eachyear. This year, nine teams of 179 expatriates participated. During the pre-competitiontraining and the races, they acquired a good knowledge of the origin andsignificance of Chinese dragon boat races.Thisyear’s event also encompassed a youngsters’ race which enhanced theparticipants’ comprehension of the traditional culture behind the race.Thesecuri... [MORE]
2021 Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race kicks off
The 2021 China Telecom “Hello 5G Cup” Jinji Lake Dragon BoatRace kicked off at Jinji Lake, SIP on the day of the Chinese Dragon BoatFestival which, reckoned on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chineselunar calendar, fell on June 14 this year.A total of 63 teams consisting of 1314 people, including 179expatriates from 15 other countries and regions, competed in the 12-men and12-women 300-meter straightaway races and the 22-people 300-meter straightawayrace.After fierce competition, the team from Wenzhou Chamber ofCommerce won the 12-men 300-meter straightaway race, while the team from ... [MORE]