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Tourists enjoy a good holiday in SIP during Dragon Boat Festival

Date:2021-06-26 12:14|Source: |Visits:

In addition to the dragon boat race, diverse festival activities and special offerings attracted a continuous flow of tourists to SIP during the Dragon Boat Festival.

The night performances and other entertainment projects at the film-themed entertainment complex HB World, the animal farm at Peach Blossom Island, the classic movies including the Harry Potter and the Mission Impossible series at YLPTR Drive-in Cinema and the sales promotions at various shopping spots attracted many people.

There were also various art exhibitions which showcased fantastic sculptures, paintings, picture books created by youngsters, and other artworks.

Suzhou Ballet Theatre’s new ballet “My Name is Ding Xiang” premiered at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, and “Flood Fighting”, a drama incorporating modern dancing and acrobatics to depict a Chinese fairy tale, was staged at Dadao Comedy Theatre.