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Output value of three major emerging industries in SIP reaches RMB 249.4 billion

Date:2021-05-24 09:56|Source: |Visits:

SIP has made a series of efforts since 2006 to gather resources and improve the local industrial ecosystem for the purpose of driving a rapid development of the biomedical, nanotech and AI industries, and the efforts have paid off.

SIP is now home to 1,837 “National High-Tech Enterprises”, including 744 accredited over the past year. Besides, last year, 2,630 enterprises were named “National Small- and Middle-sized Tech Companies”, and 12 went public at home and abroad, amounting the total number of listed enterprises in SIP to 49.

SIP is also enhancing arrangements for tapping into the global mainstream innovation network. In one move, SIP launched strategic cooperation with Shanghai Clinical Research Center to help local biotech companies enhance R&D capacity and accelerate clinical trials of their new products.

On the other hand, SIP authorities invested more than RMB 5 billion last year to launch a series of financial support programs such as “anti-epidemic loan” and “nursery loan” to help related enterprises achieve faster development. A financial service system with funds totaling RMB 260 billion has formed for tech businesses.