2021 SIP Science and Technology Innovation and Development Conference
SIPhosted the 2021 SIP Science and Technology Innovation and DevelopmentConference on May 6, looking back on last year’s efforts and achievements inpromoting science and technology innovation, and making deployment for futurework. SIP has seen robust S&T innovation in recent years, with the totaloutput value of the biomedical, nanotech and AI industries reaching nearly RMB250 billion last year, up 22.9% year-on-year. The output value of thebiomedical industry exceeded RMB 100 billion, while... [MORE]
SIP blows the horn to strive for bigger victory in S&T innovation
At the 2021 SIP Science and Technology Innovation and Development Conference, SIP authorities allocated the tasks for next-stage S&T innovation, motivating all the people in SIP to do their bit in supporting SIP to develop into a benchmark of the countries’ high-tech zones and a world-class high-tech park.SIP has been sticking to a development strategy centering onS&T innovation, and has exemplified a series of good practices in thisaspect. Last year, SIP recorded 1,... [MORE]  
Output value of three major emerging industries in SIP reaches RMB 249.4 billion
SIP has made a series of efforts since 2006 to gatherresources and improve the local industrial ecosystem for the purpose of drivinga rapid development of the biomedical, nanotech and AI industries, and theefforts have paid off.SIP is now home to 1,837 “National High-Tech Enterprises”,including 744 accredited over the past year. Besides, last year, 2,630enterprises were named “National Small- and Middle-sized Tech Companies”, and12 went public at home and abroad, amounting the total number of listed enterprisesin SIP to 49.SIP is also enhancing arrangements for tapping into theglobal mains... [MORE]  
SIP unveils “1+8+X” policy system to enhance support for S&T innovation
SIP authorities unveiled the “1+8+X” policy system at the conference,claiming to enhance support for science and technology innovation.The “1” refers to a guiding document with 30 articlesdesigned to enhance businesses’ motivation and abilities for S&Tinnovation. The “8” refers to eight specialized policy documents which specifysupport for tech professionals, emerging industries, unicorn and gazelleenterprises, SIP-headquartered tech companies, S&T innovation p... [MORE]  
SIP launches Jinji Lake Talent Policy Calculator
The Jinji Lake Talent Policy Calculator, the first of its kind in East China’s Jiangsu province, was formally launched at the event. The WeChat mini program is expected to help greatly improve services for talents in SIP.Witha huge database of classified, illustrated policies from differentadministrative departments, the Jinji Lake Talent Policy Calculator can helpusers quickly find the talent policies they need and easily finish theirapplications online. It also has the smart information push function to remindusers of the policies applicable to them and help reduce mistakes during theirappl... [MORE]