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Sub-district organization and school cooperate in training grassroots personnel for social governance

Date:2021-02-19 10:54|Source: |Visits:

The Grassroots Social Governance Personnel Training Base (GSGPTB) of SIP’s Loufeng Sub-district and the Continuing Education College at Soochow University (SU) signed an agreement and jointly inaugurated the SU Cadre Training Base on Feb 26 to launch cooperation in training programs that can help improve grassroots social governance.

GSGPTB is dedicated to providing training based on a list of exemplary projects concerning people’s livelihood to help trainees acquire better abilities and skills for grassroots social governance. It has thus far provided training to 611 people, including many from other provinces.

Under the cooperation, the school will send teachers to give lessons at GSGPTB to help improve its capacity of serving trainees from East China’s Jiangsu province and even those from around the country.