At the 5th Session of the 16th Suzhou People’s Congress and the 5th Session of the 14th CPPCC Suzhou Committee that recently concluded in Suzhou, Xu Kunlin, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Committee and secretary of CPC Suzhou Committee, wrote the calligraphy of “Chuang Kou” (meaning “window” in English), encouraging the government and the citizens of Suzhou to “build the most beautiful windows” to showcase the achievements in socialist modernization to the world.

At the junction of SIP and the ancient Suzhou city, there is a sculpture called “The Window” which, featuring an open window with curtain fluttering in the wind, symbolizes the role of SIP as a window for reform and opening-up and communication with the Western world. The sculpture sends message that SIP has been striving to be one of China’s “most beautiful windows” opening to the world.

Sub-district organization and school cooperate in training grassroots personnel for social governance
TheGrassroots Social Governance Personnel Training Base (GSGPTB) of SIP’s LoufengSub-district and the Continuing Education College at Soochow University (SU)signed an agreement and jointly inaugurated the SU Cadre Training Base on Feb26 to launch cooperation in training programs that can help improve grassrootssocial governance.GSGPTB is dedicated to providing training based on a list ofexemplary projects concerning people’s livelihood to help trainees acquirebetter abilities and skills for grassroots social governance. It has thus farprovided training to 611 people, including many from othe... [MORE]
Multi-level social security service network to ensure happiness of over 1.2 million people
SIP has set a good example inimproving people’s livelihood and securing a harmonious development.For example, SIP Social Insuranceand Housing Fund Management Center has set up a multi-level service network toprovide all-around, 24-hour social insurance and housing fund services to morethan 1.2 million residents in urban and rural areas. Lastyear, the center took a series of measures to help enterprises reduce the financialburden in social insurance payment by RMB 3.4 billion amid the COVID-19outbreak.  [MORE]
Libraries in SIP helps boost cultural tourism
Libraries in SIP are not just places toborrow and read books, but also tourist attractions. Libraries of differentsizes and kinds can be found everywhere from railway stations to touristresorts and art galleries. There are also a number of 24-hour smart librariesdistributed across the area. The libraries are good places for bothlocal citizens and tourists to enjoy a moment of peace in reading, find thereadings they are interested in and savor the charm of the culture of SIP. The libraries also host various eventssuch as science lectures and DIY activities to help readers enrich theircultural l... [MORE]
Cultural projects to flourish throughout the year
The SIP-based Performance Workshop Suzhou, a branch ofPerformance Workshop, the famous theatrical troupe founded by renownedplaywright and theater director Stan Lai and his wife Ding Nai-chu in 1985,unveiled the 2021 event agenda and hosted the first event on Jan 10.On the agenda are diverse events including a drama creationworkshop for kids, a performance workshop for adults, the twice-yearly “StanLai’s Lecture” and “Ding Nai-chu’s Guests”, and other events designed to makethe stage drama experience more accessible to the public.Apart from that, SIP will host a list of annual events suc... [MORE]