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Cultural projects to flourish throughout the year

Date:2021-02-19 10:51|Source: |Visits:

The SIP-based Performance Workshop Suzhou, a branch of Performance Workshop, the famous theatrical troupe founded by renowned playwright and theater director Stan Lai and his wife Ding Nai-chu in 1985, unveiled the 2021 event agenda and hosted the first event on Jan 10.

On the agenda are diverse events including a drama creation workshop for kids, a performance workshop for adults, the twice-yearly “Stan Lai’s Lecture” and “Ding Nai-chu’s Guests”, and other events designed to make the stage drama experience more accessible to the public.

Apart from that, SIP will host a list of annual events such as Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Festival and Jiangnan Youth Theatre Festival for the purpose of facilitating cultural exchange and fusion.