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SIP seeing thriving cultural industries

Date:2021-01-26 10:45|Source: |Visits:

SIP is seeing thriving cultural industries, with over 5,700 businesses and organizations engaged in cartoon games, creative design, filming and other emerging cultural industries.

FriendTimes Inc, started out in SIP in 2010, made its debut at Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) in October 2019, becoming the first private ACG (Animation, Comics and Games) company in East China’s Jiangsu province to go public at HKEX. The company has grown rapidly from a mobile game developer to a multi-business company dabbling in mobile social platforms, film and TV series production and many other fields.

Da Yu, an MCN (multi-channel network, referring to a company or entity that works with multiple channels and content creators, consulting or assisting towards success on streaming video platforms) in SIP, recently made the 12th List of “Nominees for Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China” released by Guangming Daily and The Economic Daily. Founded in SIP in 2014, it has set up an integrated ecosystem for creating, releasing and commercializing Internet content.

Performance Workshop Suzhou, a branch of Performance Workshop, the famous theatrical troupe founded by renowned playwright and theater director Stan Lai and his wife Ding Nai-chu in 1985, unveiled the 2021 event agenda early last month.

The US-born Taiwan-based artist and his wife signed an agreement with SIP authorities last October to land the Performance Workshop Suzhou in SIP. It runs a number of programs including drama creation and performance workshops for kids and adults, lectures and seminars with the purpose of making the stage drama experience more accessible to the public.

Moreover, SIP each year hosts a variety of cultural and art events such as the Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Festival and the iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival which have propelled the development of local cultural industries.