SIP seeing thriving cultural industries
SIPis seeing thriving cultural industries, with over 5,700 businesses andorganizations engaged in cartoon games, creative design, filming and otheremerging cultural industries. FriendTimesInc, started out in SIP in 2010, made its debut at Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)in October 2019, becoming the first private ACG (Animation, Comics and Games)company in East China’s Jiangsu province to go public at HKEX. The company hasgrown rapidly from a mobile game developer to a multi-business company dabblingin mobile social platforms, film and TV series production and many otherfields. DaYu, an MCN (m... [MORE]
SIP accelerates building of four industrial clusters to bolster stronger development
Toachieve the goal of developing into a world-class high-tech park, SIP isaccelerating the building of four industrial clusters including SIP EnterpriseHeadquarters Base, Listed Companies Park, Modern Services Park and Sinar MasS&T Park to facilitate concentration of high-end projects and promotedevelopment of related industries. Design sketch for SZ FTZ Business CenterSIPEnterprise Headquarters Base, with infrastructure construction launched in 2018,focuses on attracting headquarters of leading enterprises in strategic emergingindustries. Recently, the construction of SZ FTZ Business Cent... [MORE]
Enhanced investment promotion efforts drive faster industrial transformation and upgrading
Investmentpromotion plays an important role in ensuring high-level development of SIP.Therefore, SIP authorities have been optimizing the investment promotion modes,from that relying on land resources and preferential policies to that based on industrialchains and capital operations. They take full consideration of related regionalindustrial development strategies to invite domestic and overseas leadingenterprises to bring their projects into SIP, and have made remarkableachievements which are helping accelerate the industrial transformation andupgrading in the area. Inresponse to the global i... [MORE]