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Da Yu: a nominee for Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China

Date:2020-11-25 13:38|Source: |Visits:

Da Yu, an MCN (multi-channel network, referring to a company or entity that works with multiple channels and content creators, consulting or assisting towards success on streaming video platforms) in SIP, recently made the 12th List of “Nominees for Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China” released by Guangming Daily and The Economic Daily.

It is the first time that a cultural enterprise in Suzhou to be nominated for the list, and Da Yu is the only Jiangsu-based private cultural enterprise on the list.

The company founded in SIP in 2014 now boasts an integrated ecosystem for creating, releasing and commercializing Internet content, from texts and pictures to short videos which cover diversified elements such as makeups, food and mother and baby products.

According to the company’s vice president Chen Yilong, the COVID-19 outbreak this year has led to continuous increase of demands for online content, and they are working hard to ensure steady supply of high-quality offerings.