Not only industries, but also poetry and dreams: power of culture in SIP
SIP has been adhering to the strategy ofseeking a culture-driven strong development in recent years. People here canread a book borrowed from a 24-hour smart library, or enjoy a top-class symphonyconcert or ballet show at a beautiful grand hall, or play well-designed mobilegames or watch funny animated cartoons produced by local companies. Followingthe rapid growth of the cultural industry here, more and more people haverealized that there are not only industries in the industrial park, but alsopoetry and dreams.The cultural industry has become a symbolof vitality and makings of SIP. A cultura... [MORE]
Suzhou Embroidery Life: “post-90s” youths’ revolution in embroidery
At Suzhou Embroidery Life Co Ltd, acompany located at SIP’s Ligongdi Cultural and Creative Block, a group of “post-90s(referring to people born in the 1990s)” youths are devoting themselves fullyto a revolution aimed at carrying forward Suzhou-style embroidery, a nationalintangible cultural heritage with a history of over 2,000 years, in aninnovative way. Yao Lan, founder of the company anddaughter of Suzhou-style embroidery master Yao Jianping, is leading the revolution.Yao Lan made registration for thecompany in SIP in 2017, and soon presided over the renovation of the Yao JianpingEmbroidery Museum in the block to support her new business plan.“We offer couture garments,wristwatches, home decorations, ornaments and a wide range of other productsthat make the traditional embroidery art part of people’s life, but not just anexhibit in museum,” she said, showing great confidence in the future developmentof their brands relying on the profound and diversified cultures in SIP.  [MORE]
Tus-Design: a magnet for excellent talents
Tus-Design Group Co Ltd, an SIP-basedarchitectural design firm, is well-known as a source of creative ideas for architecturaldesigns which come out unceasingly from a team of outstanding design architectsworking there.The company has five design architects whomade Jiangsu province’s list of “Talents in Cultural and Creative Industries”last year, and a host of employees who enjoy privileges under national andlocal talent support programs.“Creativity plays a vital role in anenterprise’s sustainable development. However, without talents, there will beno creativity. That’s why we spare no effort to attract and retain talents,”the company’s president Zha Jinrong said.  [MORE]
HIS Design: to make museums places where people would like to spend time to explore
 HIS Design, an SIP-headquartered companythat dabbled in museum and exhibition venue design in 2007, has received many accoladesand rewards for its contributions to the cultural industry. From its self-designed office to lots ofstriking museums across the country, the company has shown great creativity in itsdetail-oriented designs.HIS Design aims to make museums places wherepeople would like to spend time to explore, and that can give the visitorspleasant experiences in learning about history and culture and inspire theiremotional empathy.For this purpose, the company has beentrying to make innovative spatial and scene designs, and also employs modernmedia tools such as AR systems and 3D technology to help viewers betterunderstand the exhibits.  [MORE]
Stan Lai to open studio in SIP
 Stan Lai, or Lai Shengchuan, anaward-winning US-born Taiwan-based playwright and theater director, signed anagreement with SIP authorities in October to open a studio in SIP. The studiofocusing on performing art is expected to become an iconic cultural project in SIP.Lai is well-known for a list of hisplays including “A Dream Like A Dream”, “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land” and“The Village”. Several of the works received positive response from theaudiences when they were staged at SIP’s Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre.“I’ve visited Suzhou many times, and isdeeply impressed by the profound ancient culture and modern artistic atmospherehere,” Lai said.   [MORE]
Da Yu: a nominee for Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China
Da Yu, an MCN (multi-channel network,referring to a company or entity that works with multiple channels and contentcreators, consulting or assisting towards success on streaming video platforms)in SIP, recently made the 12th List of “Nominees for Top 30 CulturalEnterprises in China” released by Guangming Daily and The Economic Daily.It is the first time that a culturalenterprise in Suzhou to be nominated for the list, and Da Yu is the onlyJiangsu-based private cultural enterprise on the list.The company founded in SIP in 2014 nowboasts an integrated ecosystem for creating, releasing and commercializingInternet content, from texts and pictures to short videos which coverdiversified elements such as makeups, food and mother and baby products. According to the company’s vicepresident Chen Yilong, the COVID-19 outbreak this year has led to continuousincrease of demands for online content, and they are working hard to ensuresteady supply of high-quality offerings.  [MORE]
FriendTimes: from a “seedling” to a “big tree”
FriendTimes Inc, a company founded inSIP in 2010, has been growing rapidly from a mobile game developer to amulti-business company which dabbles in mobile social platforms, film and TVseries production and other fields.The company started with web games, andsoon turned to mobile games when smart phones began to grow popular. It nowshares over 30% of the market of ancient-style games for females. Based on that, FriendTimes has enlargedinput to develop more cultural products.“We have been striving to incorporatetraditional culture into our games. For example, we built a virtual game scenewith Suzhou-style gardens. That gives players fantastic experiences, andenables them to learn about traditional culture and architecture as well,” thecompany’s vice president Sun Bo said. FriendTimes has grown fast from a“seedling” to a “big tree” over the past 10 years. The company went public atHong Kong Stock Exchange last October.It is learnt, later this year, thecompany will move into its new headquarters in SIP, where it will enhanceefforts to build a more extensive business chain and expand its deployment homeand abroad.  [MORE]