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FriendTimes: from a “seedling” to a “big tree”

Date:2020-11-25 13:35|Source: |Visits:

FriendTimes Inc, a company founded in SIP in 2010, has been growing rapidly from a mobile game developer to a multi-business company which dabbles in mobile social platforms, film and TV series production and other fields.

The company started with web games, and soon turned to mobile games when smart phones began to grow popular. It now shares over 30% of the market of ancient-style games for females.

Based on that, FriendTimes has enlarged input to develop more cultural products.

“We have been striving to incorporate traditional culture into our games. For example, we built a virtual game scene with Suzhou-style gardens. That gives players fantastic experiences, and enables them to learn about traditional culture and architecture as well,” the company’s vice president Sun Bo said.

FriendTimes has grown fast from a “seedling” to a “big tree” over the past 10 years. The company went public at Hong Kong Stock Exchange last October.

It is learnt, later this year, the company will move into its new headquarters in SIP, where it will enhance efforts to build a more extensive business chain and expand its deployment home and abroad.