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Representatives of 56 NETDZs discuss green development in SIP

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The 4th Forum on Green Development of NETDZs was held in SIP on Nov 15 when representatives of 56 National Economic and Technological Development Zones (NETDZs) across the country discussed a series of topics revolving on eco-friendly development of NETDZs.
The forum, an annual event initiated by SIP alongside other 35 NETDZs in 2016, is designed to help enhance environmental responsiveness and resource efficiency during the development of NETDZs.
At the event, several experts engaged in related fields gave talks on NETDZs’ role in energy saving and emission reduction, localized and digitalized garbage disposal and application of advanced technologies in driving green development of NETDZs, and exchanged their opinions with other participants.
SIP received the “Best Green Development Practitioner” award at the event for last year’s remarkable achievements in environmental protection, and was elected the 4th chair of Chinese NETDZ Green Development Alliance. It is learnt SIP is now working with several of the country’s top research teams to compile a white book with the hope of rolling out SIP’s experience in green development to other industrial clusters of its kind. 

November 15, 2019