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SIP-AIIP opens

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SIP AI Industry Park (SIP-AIIP), an incubator and cluster of businesses engaged in artificial intelligence development, recently came into operation.

SIP-AIIP currently has 14 buildings which, with a total floor area of about 260,000 sqm, have attracted a number of domestically leading AI research institutes and companies, including Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and IFLYTEK Co Ltd that have already set up their offices in some of the buildings.

"We strive to create an ecosystem that facilitates cooperation between investors, companies and research institutes in development and commercialization of AI technologies," said Ma Di, deputy general manager of SIP Science & Technology Development Co Ltd, the developer and operator of the project.

Ma also revealed that they are accelerating the construction of various service facilities such as restaurants, convenience stores and entertainment venues to make SIP-AIIP an ideal place for both business and living.

August 21, 2018