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Smart management platform facilitates energy saving and emission reduction

So far, more than 200 SIP-based enterprises have been covered by the information-based energy management system developed by JET, an energy saving technology developer in SIP.

The system, established in Dushu Lake Science & Education Innovation Zone (DLSEIZ) in 2015, is China's first regional smart energy management platform which adopts cloud computing and AI technologies to collect and transmit data as well as carry out on-line monitoring, dynamic analysis and concentrated management to improve regional energy management. It has saved about 7 million kWh power and reduced carbon emission by about 6,979t for DLSEIZ over the past two years.

JET's president Zhou Jiong said, "The platform is also capable of discovering energy consumption bugs and their causes as well as offering targeted solutions. Therefore, it can improve the terminal energy consumption efficiency by about 10%."

So far, the platform has covered a total floor area of 10 million m2, with 21,958 monitoring instruments and 883,000 data transmission sites. This has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the Internet of Energy, which is aimed at helping enterprises improve energy consumption efficiency while enhancing regional energy management.


September 1, 2017

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