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New drug manufacturing base set up in SIP

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Lexenpharm (Suzhou) Limited, a pharmaceutical company founded in SIP BioBAY in 2015 to make drugs for treatment of lung, eye and infectious diseases, announced on Nov 27 that its new manufacturing base in SIP is ready to go into production. Costing RMB 150 million, the over-6,000-square-meter project will be able to yield 120 million pieces of aerosol therapy drugs and eye drops each year.
“All the experimental and manufacturing facilities are ready, and best-in-class aseptic processing techniques have been adopted,” the company’s chairman Junning Lee said.
According to Lee, the manufacturing of the first product has started, and they will soon begin to seek approval from the US Food and Drug Administration with the hope of putting the product into the American market in early 2021.

November 27, 2019