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Seminar to lend enterprises a hand in avoiding and dealing with labor disputes

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The Labor Security Supervision Brigade of SIP High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone organized a series of seminars on Oct 30, Nov 6 and 13 in a move to give local enterprises a helping hand in avoiding and dealing with labor disputes and improving their human resource management efficiency.
At the events, based on a list of typical cases, several senior arbitrators from the brigade gave the participants from local enterprises a detailed account of the do’s and don’ts they must know to keep compliance with the country’s labor laws and prevent risks in HR management. Besides, representatives of several companies shared with the other participants their experience in ensuring harmonious employer-employee relationships.
The brigade disclosed that, in addition to the seminars, it will visit a number of enterprises in the near future to help them detect problems in HR management and offer them advice for improvement. 

November 22, 2019