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Ascentage Pharma starts to build global headquarters in SIP

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Ascentage Pharma Group International, an SIP-based globally-focused, clinical-stage biotech company, broke ground on its global headquarters in SIP on Nov 20, counting on it to form an integrated global business chain in the future. 
Founded in 2009, Ascentage Pharma started its operations in SIP in 2016, aiming to develop “first-in-class” and “best-in-class” small-molecule targeted therapeutics for addressing unmet medical needs in cancers, Hepatitis B and age-related diseases.It went public at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Market in October, currently with eight new drugs under clinical trials in China, the United States and Australia.
Design sketch for the project
With a land area of 95 mu (6.3 hectares), the new headquarters will also serve as an R&D center and manufacturing base for the company to bring out more outcomes in medical research and establish a good presence in global medicine market.

November 20, 2019