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School upgrades online teaching activities as countermeasures against 2019-nCoV

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As many other schools, SIP Jinji Lake School has extended its winter vacation as the life-threatening respiratory virus called novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV keeps spreading across the country. The school recently upgraded its online teaching activities so that its students can learn well at home.

The online education system allows teachers to prepare and give lessons, assign homework and interact with the students and their parents online. The school requires the teachers to be always ready for any inquiries from the students and their parents to help the students solve challenges in their learning.

Moreover, the online teaching activities are paired with a feedback mechanism that involves the parents in recording their children’s daily learning activities and physical exercises with pictures and sharing the pictures in online groups with their children’s teachers, classmates and classmates’ parents. Under the mechanism, the teachers must make remarks and records about the feedbacks every day.

January 31, 2020