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Serial education activity for minors launched  2017-03-03
Painting plum blossoms in classical garden  2017-03-01
Samsung Display Institute launched at SIPIVT  2017-02-24
Football star James Cowser invited to Ulink College  2017-02-24
Royal Society of Chemistry accreditation first for Sino-foreign University in China  2017-02-22
Safe traffic knowledge passed on to students  2017-02-22
Enjoying Chinese featured activities at Ulink College  2017-02-14
Coming of Age ceremony held  2017-02-14
Decorated lantern show in SIPYCC  2017-02-12
Vesuvius subsidizes school extra-curricular societies  2017-02-12
Learn more knowledge in winter vacation  2017-01-28
SKEMA Suzhou campus starts spring semester  2017-01-24
Featured courses enrich winter vacation life  2017-01-20
Love donation pervading the campus  2017-01-19
Lecture arouses students' interest in life secrets  2017-01-19
The Project of Institute of Electronics, CAS Settled in SIP  2017-01-15
SDLEU offers free courses to university students  2017-01-13
SIPYCC offers winter holiday free classes  2017-01-13
SIP No. 5 Middle School reconstruction project initiated  2017-01-12
SIP-Soochow University cooperation pushed to new height  2017-01-11
President from Suzhou wins award for Presidents of the Year  2017-01-09
SISO sets up new "think tank"  2017-01-07
Nanosurf pilots domestic nanotechnology innovation  2017-01-05
SIP and BIT signs strategic cooperation framework agreement  2017-01-04
NUSRI selected into first press and publication key labs  2017-01-04
SIP primary school holds charity flea market  2017-01-03
Five SIP schools carry out interschool cooperation  2016-12-31
Dongshahu School holds party to celebrate New Year  2016-12-31
Students have a different safety lesson  2016-12-29
SIPDLS builds STEM education base  2016-12-27
Children learn to make desk lamp  2016-12-27
XJTUSA plays a part in China's aerospace progress  2016-12-25
UCDCII director visits RUCSC  2016-12-23
"Implements Institute" set up at SISO  2016-12-22
SIP senior high students visit Japan  2016-12-08
Dwight C. Streit shortlisted as candidate for SSTCCA  2016-12-13
Suzhou International Education Exhibition 2016 held in SIP  2016-12-12
UCLASITA's first experiment platform settles in Suzhou  2016-12-02
Suzhou Students Win International Innovation Award  2016-11-29
New Agreement for IFC Signed in Suzhou  2016-11-28
Chinese and European University Students Participate in Entrepreneurship Competition  2016-11-21
Students say Hello on World Hello Day  2016-11-17
Minors experience traditional culture  2016-11-16
SIP Campus Recruitment Team Visits Shandong University  2016-11-15
Canadian teachers implementing new kindergarten teaching model  2016-11-15
SIPYCC Traditional Opera Society Makes a Hit at Singapore Int'l Chinese Opera Festival  2016-09-08
Tutorial Etiquette  2016-09-07
SIP Xingcheng School Welcomes Its First Students  2016-09-02
SIP Elementary & Secondary School Students' Summer Sports Meet Concludes  2016-08-24
College Redefines Learning Mission  2016-08-01
XJTLU Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary  2016-07-28
The 2nd Suzhou Dushu Lake Undergraduates' Entrepreneurship Summer Camp Opens  2016-07-26
Annual Discount Cards of Suzhou Yangchenghu Peninsula Tourist Resort for Sale  2016-07-25
The 2nd SIP Environmental-protection Summer Camp Held  2016-07-25
The 1st STEM Science Fest Concludes  2016-07-22
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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