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NUSP hosts sodality to tighten ties with enterprises  2019-01-04
Xinghui School continues support for student clubs  2019-01-04
SIPITS clinches "Excellent School" award  2019-01-03
Diverse events tighten DLSEIZ's ties with international educational circles  2019-01-02
SIPITS students clinch gold award in innovation and entrepreneurship contest  2018-12-28
Tech development project passes expert evaluation  2018-12-26
Middle school students work out DNA barcodes for butterfly identification  2018-12-24
Chinese and French football clubs team up in young player training  2018-12-24
RUC Suzhou Campus launches Alumni Mentors program  2018-12-21
Company celebrates Christmas with exceptional children  2018-12-20
Company sets up big data research institute in SIP  2018-12-19
Primary and middle school students' AI modeling competition wraps up  2018-12-19
Innovation Centers for China-US Youth Exchange share experience in SIP  2018-12-19
SIP school hosts national seminar on STEM education  2018-12-18
Collegial micro film competition concludes  2018-12-18
Expats at XJTLU receive government funds for research projects  2018-12-18
XJTLU students clinch silver award at iGEM  2018-12-17
SIP and NTU jointly set up innovation center  2018-12-13
Lifelong learning center opens in SIP to disseminate knowledge on AI  2018-12-13
Campus art festival wraps up  2018-12-12
SIPITS students advance to next round of VEX Robotics Competition  2018-12-07
Free online courses and tutoring available to SIP students  2018-12-07
SIP high school launches pilot training program  2018-11-27
CSCB and EMBO jointly host conference in SIP  2018-11-26
Oxford delegation comes to Suzhou for OSCAR opening ceremony  2018-11-23
School hosts festival for science and technology popularization  2018-11-22
French envoys visit RUC Suzhou Campus  2018-11-16
Chinese company teams up with French embassy in education and research  2018-11-15
SIP's recruitment tour to vocational schools wraps up  2018-11-13
Schools join hands in teacher training  2018-11-12
SIP trying to help schools in less-developed area adopt smart teaching tools  2018-11-06
Bookcrossing program tours to more schools  2018-11-02
Collegiate innovation and business startup contest wraps up  2018-11-01
College students' robotics contest wraps up  2018-10-31
SIPITS students bag third prize in international competition  2018-10-31
CEIBS Alumni Association headquarters starts construction in SIP  2018-10-30
Tianjin delegation visits Xinghai Primary School for a survey  2018-10-29
School strives to provide "better education" to students  2018-10-25
Over 100 former students back to SIPITS  2018-10-23
100 school principals from Henan visit Xinghai Primary School  2018-10-22
School hosts relay run to celebrate its 10th anniversary  2018-10-22
Panamanian students visit Panamanian embassy in China  2018-10-19
Singaporean AWWA delegation visits Ren'ai School  2018-10-18
SIP's talents recruitment program tours to NEU  2018-10-12
Primary school principal unveils "secrets" of running an exemplary school  2018-10-10
SIPITS garners Mayors' Awards again  2018-09-26
Australian high school delegation visits SIP school for exchange  2018-09-18
Calligraphers visit primary school for dissemination of Chinese calligraphy  2018-09-18
RUC Suzhou Campus holds orientation ceremony  2018-09-17
Community services help college graduates start business  2018-09-17
DLSEIZ operator and SKEMA Business School continue partnership  2018-09-17
SIPITS promotes China-Japan joint education program  2018-09-17
Enterprise starts to serve as school's off-campus training base  2018-09-17
SIP holds conference on education  2018-09-11
First day of new semester full of positive energy  2018-09-06
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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