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RUC Suzhou Campus holds orientation ceremony  2018-09-17
Community services help college graduates start business  2018-09-17
DLSEIZ operator and SKEMA Business School continue partnership  2018-09-17
SIPITS promotes China-Japan joint education program  2018-09-17
Enterprise starts to serve as school's off-campus training base  2018-09-17
SIP holds conference on education  2018-09-11
First day of new semester full of positive energy  2018-09-06
XJTLU holds grand ceremony to welcome over 4,700 new students  2018-09-04
French education officials visit SIPITS  2018-09-03
XJTU junior middle school comes into service in SIP  2018-08-29
School holds farewell meeting for teacher to work in Xinjiang  2018-08-23
57 SSIS graduates receive IBDP diploma  2018-08-14
University delegations visit SIP  2018-08-08
Youngsters learn about DNA at CSH Asia DNA Learning Center  2018-07-30
Consistent reform helps school achieve remarkable outcomes in French proficiency tests  2018-07-10
New kindergarten to come into operation in September  2018-07-05
SIP primary school declared education research base  2018-07-03
Enterprise gives aid to financially challenged students  2018-07-03
New campus to come into use in September  2018-06-28
SIP teams up with TFI in teacher training  2018-06-22
SCC holds 2018 graduation ceremony  2018-06-22
Four SIPITS teaching designs advance to provincial competition  2018-06-15
SIP strives to set up 11 new schools this year  2018-06-12
Parents and children learn to make pottery ware together  2018-06-01
Community endeavors to meet all the residents' learning needs  2018-05-30
RUC Silk Road School founded in SIP  2018-05-28
International cooperation program offers students opportunities to study overseas  2018-05-22
SISO advancing toward top service outsourcing talent supplier  2018-05-22
Picture-book-based teaching competition held in SIP  2018-05-18
Suzhou-Singapore education forum goes on in SIP  2018-05-14
New schools to come into service in SIP  2018-05-14
Cultural experience center comes into service  2018-05-14
AI teacher to help students improve oral English  2018-05-02
Teacher training program underway at CSH Asia DNA Learning Center  2018-04-27
XJTLU founds special organizations to better serve overseas Chinese and returnees  2018-04-23
School sets up AI laboratory to facilitate students' study  2018-04-20
Ten Suzhou kindergartens highly rated by provincial education authority  2018-04-20
Chinese and Australian university representatives gather to enhance friendship  2018-04-20
Rich practical experiences help XJTLU undergraduate win full scholarship  2018-04-20
Exceptional youngsters at Ren'ai School make miracles  2018-04-20
XJTLU adopts comprehensive evaluation mechanism for recruitment  2018-04-19
Community tries multiple ways to give a leg-up in children's growth  2018-04-19
Department of Architecture now fully accredited by RIBA  2018-03-22
Expert finishes lecture tour on transgene  2018-03-20
LFCEMC officials inspect kindergartens  2018-03-05
Community takes multiple measures to offer learning opportunities  2018-03-05
Xinghai faculty members attend training on smart education  2018-03-02
Parents partake in kindergarten education  2017-12-22
Citizens learn more about international education at exhibition  2017-11-28
Fathers with doctorates participate in children's education  2017-10-30
Remote education platform provides better learning  2017-10-30
OCAS principal: adopt international education mode with Chinese characteristics  2017-09-15
XJTLU welcomes new students  2017-09-12
Pupils perform dragon and lion dance to welcome new students  2017-09-08
Children and parents getting ready for new semester  2017-09-07
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
  Suzhou Industrial Park Video  
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