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SIP school gives students right to decide their screen time  2019-05-08
SIP Jingcheng School and TTCA become sister schools  2019-05-06
Wide-coverage sex education program for youngsters launched  2019-05-05
Science popularization campaign launched  2019-04-30
Teachers’ research activity live-streamed  2019-04-30
Art education programs thriving across SIP  2019-04-29
CSH Asia DNA Learning Center offers multiple opportunities to explore the world of genes  2019-04-29
Public lecture on youngsters’ safety given in SIP kindergarten  2019-04-29
Forum on application of big data in education held in SIP  2019-04-26
Fascinating youngsters’ events underway  2019-04-22
Youngsters’ events raise craze for art in Suzhou  2019-04-18
Massey University delegation visits NUSRI  2019-04-17
New courses catch attention at XJTLU’s campus open day  2019-04-17
XJTLU to offer courses on big data and robotics  2019-04-09
33 Panamanian students finish 12-month Chinese study  2019-04-09
Over 100 students compete in entrepreneurship and petanque contests  2019-04-04
Tsinghua alumni share their stories with students in SIP  2019-03-29
SCC student clinches first prize in provincial English skill competition  2019-03-21
New labs for smart education come into service  2019-03-19
Overseas schools' admission officers to meet with potential applicants in SIP  2019-03-15
Artists give music performances to exceptional children  2019-03-05
Kindergartens in SIP embrace learning games  2019-03-05
Joint teacher training program goes on  2019-03-05
Kindergartens join hands in developing learning games  2019-03-04
XJTU middle school students serve as flag bearers at CFA Super Cup opener  2019-03-01
Tech company builds VR system for school  2019-03-01
12-year-olds publish books  2019-02-28
Suzhou's first juvenile quality education center inaugurated in SIP  2019-02-27
Over 430 18-year-olds attend coming-of-age ceremony  2019-02-27
Multi-pocket vest to give teachers a leg up in serving exceptional children  2019-02-26
SIP and Suqian officials discuss enhancement of education cooperation  2019-02-26
School students celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival in various ways  2019-02-22
DLSEIZ in action against illegal financial activities on campus  2019-02-22
Coddy Education's project elected one of SIP's Top 10 Affecting Projects  2019-02-15
ISM director elected into AAM  2019-02-14
NUSRI research team receives registration certificate for PR vaccine  2019-02-12
XJTLU to provide financial support to 27 projects  2019-02-12
OSCAR recruiting research fellows worldwide  2019-01-30
SIP pupils win gold award in Beijing  2019-01-30
CSH Asia DNA Learning Center provides multiple chances to explore genetic science  2019-01-29
Calligraphers present Spring Festival couplets to teachers and students  2019-01-29
19 SUHS students win awards in CEMC mathematics contest  2019-01-29
Deputies to Suzhou People's Congress talk about integrated education  2019-01-28
Company and school join hands in product development and talent training  2019-01-24
Seminar on vocational education held in SIP  2019-01-24
Panamanian students at SCC showcase their learning outcomes  2019-01-21
XJTLU students' research paper published on international magazine  2019-01-18
Over 500 XJTLU graduates enter world's top 10 universities  2019-01-17
Middle school to host STEM Camp for public benefit  2019-01-15
Teachers share experience in character education  2019-01-15
School and kindergarten join hands in special education  2019-01-15
SIPMSB teams up with SU in ensuring food safety  2019-01-14
Educators gather in SIP discussing Chinese language teaching  2019-01-14
Three-month collegial UAV competition wraps up  2019-01-11
Joint education program makes biology easy to learn  2019-01-09
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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